Nerds ‘r’ Us

Nerd Girl

-“OHmagawd I’m such a frickin nerd.Wait, Superman is the guy in the blue tights right?”

Is it just me or does it seem like nowadays all a woman…well, ANYONE has to do is throw on a pair of glasses (with or without lenses) and they can call themselves a NERD? I mean, once upon a time being a nerd actually meant something. You know, like you were intelligent, had quirky hobbies, played video games…things like that. Now its a trend that any ole body can hop on and be labeled as! Now, I wouldn’t mind this if it didn’t feel like in the process of making nerds “cool” I didn’t feel like my identity was being stripped away and packaged into a box and sold to everyone.

I am a comic book reading, superhero movie watching, cartoon loving, Batman boxer brief wearing, funny t-shirt collecting-woman. And I am proud of it! But when I first noticed this new trend I felt like I had to try extra hard to prove myself. To prove that I am the real deal. And other people felt that way as well as they continuously questioned my “geek-dom” by asking me trivia-like questions. I felt like I had to be up to date on all of the latest nerd news so I wouldn’t  be caught slipping on these tough ass nerd streets. One false answer and I would be pimp-smacked with a calculator and made to watch as my comic book collection burned before my eyes. Yes, being a nerd is THAT SERIOUS to REAL nerds in the NERD COMMUNITY. To these faux-nerds it’s all about being cute. But there is nothing cute (well…some of the t-shirts are cute. Oh, and the nerd Hello Kitty is cute, as are some suspenders… I digress!) about being a nerd. I can remember a time when the label of nerd brought wedgies, being thrown in  lockers, eating alone in the lunchroom, being teased and picked on…what’s cute about that?

What real nerds have to go through. Looks like fun, no?
What real nerds have to go through. Looks like fun, no?

This is not a trend. We do not do this to be cute. This is a part of our lives. A part of our being. For some it is their entire life and/or being. For many of the nerds/geeks/dorks this is something we were bullied about for our entire life because we were different and weird. So for it to become a trend and basically be snatched away from us by the “cool kids”, it cuts to our very nerdy core. It pains us to see our lifestyle made into a caricature. What’s worse is that even though being a nerd is “in” we still do not fit in! We’re still the awkward, weird kids with quirky, immature, uncool hobbies. Why? Because we aren’t nerds in style only. We are at comic cons dressed as Darth Vader. We are at local comic book shops arguing over which Batman was better: Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer? (Keaton has my vote). We are at the movie theater sucking our teeth because Bane wasn’t really Talia’s bitch-boy in the comics (fuck The Dark Knight Rises). We are nerds.
Real Nerd or Faux Nerd?

Putting on glasses and wearing a Batman shirt doesn’t make you a nerd just like putting on baggy jeans and a durag doesn’t make you black or putting on a suit doesn’t make you an attorney (putting on a Batman suit DOES make you Batman though, just a FYI). Go ahead, wear the glasses, rock the graphic tees, wear the high water pants with suspenders. BUT STOP USING OUR WORD!! You are not a nerd. You are not a geek. You are not a dork. You’re simply a poser. *Chun Li deuces*


Our newest CSP blog contributor, Empressive Geek is just a geek who happens to have a vagina. You can follow her on twitter @EmpressiveGeek

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  1. Pff, I don’t care if I don’t know any bit of trivia that someone thinks would qualify me as a nerd. But I will laugh at you if you’re on a nerd competition show, boast to know all about video game history, answer the King of Kong guys as creators of Pong, then cry that you know everything about Playstation forward. Then, I will laugh at you for not really knowing your self-proclaimed specialty.

    Nerdom is just like anything else. You don’t have to anything to prove to anyone if you feel it in your heart.

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