Friday thoughts + Where’s the f%$%^n show??!!

Bah weep granah weep ninny bong, everyone!

This is Classick just checking in with a quickie Friday blog post. First off, let me clarify where the show’s been and why it’s been so sporadic of late–

Since around mid-November, a variety of things have popped up in real life (and on XBox Live, I won’t front) that have delayed recording, production and release of a number of CSP shows. I’ve also been going through that whole meta-existential “do people even listen to us?” and “should we even continue having a show?” thing, but that’s actually been the least of our worries. In short, we will be back and on a regular basis. Probably not weekly, but somewhere between bi-weekly and monthly. We have a long list of shows we still want to do, guests we want to have on and damn it!! we still have SLITHER MADNESS 2013 to plan and execute, so you have not seen the last of us!

While you’re waiting, I urge, nay, DEMAND you go over and listen to the Eclectik Discussion Podcast (@PodcastEDP) and The KLIQ Nation Podcast (@TheKLIQNation). Respectively run by my Cold Slither co-hosts Eclectik and Tim Dogg, each show brings a lot to the listener as far as entertainment, information, comedy, nostalgia and just plain geeky nerd-type stuff that Mrs. Classick hates hearing during our long car trips together. And no doubt you still listen to UnderScoopFIRE, Ring Time Pro Wrestling, Single Simulcast, Geeks Gone Raw, Doctor AbrACEive, Beatin Da Block and The Black Guy Who Tips podcasts, right?

Speaking of TBGWT, they’ve named us a nominees for their first annual “Tippies” awards for our appearance on their show, which I hope is as kinky as it sounds, but even if it ain’t, we’re honored to be considered.

As far as our 80’s pop culture play-cousins go, you can hear ME as a guest on an upcoming UnderScoopFIRE podcast talking about the works of View Askew-niverse movie maker and sometime comic book writer Kevin Smith. Check their local listings

OK, now on to some Rajon Randoms…

  • Watching the movie Tombstone lately, I got to thinking about the controversy between that film and the released-around-the-same-time Wyatt Earp. Tombstone was the better movie, starring Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer, who gave an excellent performance as Doc Holliday (“I’m your Huckleberry”) and is on EVERYONE’S top Westerns lists… Kevin Costner’s Earp… not so much. It just boggles the mind how everyone in Hollywood keeps copying off of each other’s test papers, though. Remember 2011? There were like 5 Snow White movies out, weren’t there? How about this past year, we are seeing the Lincoln movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis receive all these accolades, but didn’t we just see our 16th POTUS slaying the undead in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter just last summer? It’s like everyone in Hollywood is on this “me too” shit, which would get on my last nerve if it weren’t new.
    Like Father, Like Son
    Tombstone was an excellent Western. Kevin Costner’s Wyatt Earp? Not so much…

    Flashback to 1987, Dudley Moore teams up with Growing Pains star and teen heartthrob Kirk Cameron (before he turned into a loony religio-nut filmmaker) to put out the hilarious mind-and-body-swapping comedy Like Father, Like Son. Good enough, right? Not for Hollywood, who not even a full 12 months later in 1988 puts out Vice Versa, an obvious knock-off of the former starring Judge Reinhold and Wonder Years star Fred Savage. WHAT THE FUCK??! It’s crap like this that I’ve hated for years. From Gremlins to Critters to Ghoulies. From Down Periscope to Sgt Bilko to McHale’s Navy. Why did the writers in Hollywood even go on strike? To fight for their rights to copy other writers’ shit?! This is madness…
“Superior” Spider-Man
  • “Superior” – You’ve probably heard us speculate, rant, and curse/praise Marvel for their recent “Marvel NOW” movement, which has seen sweeping changes across most of their flagship characters and comic titles. As of now, Spider-Man is Peter Parker… who’s really just Peter Parker in name and body only, but is really longtime Otto Octavius in mind! That’s right, unless you’ve been living under a rock or hanging out with Mrs. Classick, who hates that I have stacks of comics all over the dungeon in Classick Castle, you know that ole Doc Ock won his longtime battle with his nemesis by swapping minds and bodies with Peter Parker, who apparently died in Dr. Octopus’ battle- and cancer-riddled body in Amazing Spider-Man #700. I mentioned during The KLIQ Nation podcast that as much as this sickens me, it’s not the first time I’ve seen Peter Parker/Spider-Man royally screwed over and this also fascinates me that a villain would take up the mantle of his greatest nemesis. I said this would be a great chance to see some new stories as we’ll see “Bad Spidey” try to adjust to his new position, and conversely the world to adjust to “Bad Spidey”. But lo and behold right at the last page of the newly launched Superior Spider-Man, we get a panel showing what looks like ghost, or astral projection, Peter Parker staying Spider Octavius’ hand from killing Speed Demon. He basically declares “I’m Peter Parker and I’m still in the fight!” and I guess that’s there to keep us fanboys happy and hopeful. I for one am tired. Just tired of the teases and being jerked along. Not saying I’m giving up on reading Spider-Man, but it might be awhile before I pay good money for it again. Meanwhile, DC Comics is doing some great things with Batman and the “Death of the Family” cross-over where the newly returned Joker basically fucks over all of the Bat-family. Also, I recommend you check out “Throne of Atlantis”, a cross-over about the Atlanteans’ invasion of the surface taking place over in Justice League and Aquaman. You know how I feel about Aquaman. Also looking forward to the relaunch of Uncanny X-Men because, in short… Cyclops was right!
  • I like Dunkin Donuts coffee, for no other reason but they offer a Toasted Almond flavor. That’s all…
  • For those who do know where I’ve been spending my time (check my raptr), you’ll know I’m excited about the Revolution DLC coming out next week. I paid extra for that season pass, so it’s nice to see it start to pay for itself. I could care less about Zombies, though… that part of the games scares me.
  • Shouts out to EngineerNerd, LamarRevenger and Shoubie2010 on twitter. You guys are who I consider paying customers and who I feel bad for every day we don’t put out a new show. I owe you guys a lot and trust me, payment is coming…
  • Manti Te’o, Catfish and guys impersonating gals… these are all just rehashed cheesy 80’s movies. Think about it… between the plots of Mannequin, Weekend at Bernie’s, Just One of the Guys, Can’t Buy Me Love, is this fake dead girlfriend situation really all that peculiar? I think the thing that makes this most outrageous is that in this age of social media, google search and online resources you can still be fooled by an imaginary person. But then again, this could be Clone Classick typing this, so…
  • Sure, Drago killed Apollo Creed, but Clubber Lang remains to me Rocky’s greatest opponent for two reasons: 1. He trash-talked Rocky into self-doubt and shame and trashed Mickey’s reputation as a fight promoter and drove him to a heart attack. and 2. He was the only opponent to make a pass at Adrian. Ask Carmelo, if you come at someone’s old lady with the “Hey Woman!” or a “Honey Nut Cheerios” line… dem’s fightin words.
  • Recently took New Years vacation in Hawaii. Was nice, but what wasn’t nice was spending the first couple of days sick with what felt like the bird flu, which reinforces that people are disgusting and airports are germ cesspools. After sitting and shivering for days then dripping and coughing for weeks, I’m finally back to my old self and still refuse to get that bullshiggety flu shot. I’ll bet with the recent outbreaks all the pro-flu-shot people were like “See?!! Told ya!”, but screw you, you probably cooked up this latest epidemic with your soiled progeny running rampant and your non-hand-washing restroom usage. Go to hell, flu shot activists. You suck.

That’s all I got for this week. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! See you next week with a new blog post and (hopefully) a new episode of the podcast. If not, blame Tim Dogg…

12 Comments Add yours

  1. lol, existential “do people even listen” ….you crazy bro. i dont know what the download numbers are but i know im not the only one listening.

  2. if your podcast plays in a forest and no one is around to hear it…. it does still make a sound and that sound is digital excellence. keep up the good work guys 😀

  3. on the other hand your last show was about Sonic and Sega…. im still geeking out about that ep. good times. ….not a bad place to abruptly end a series?

  4. Kevin Hellions says:

    Weekly or monthly, I’m here to listen each and every time guys!

    1. Thanks Kevin! Keep putting out great stuff on Team Hellions blog. Love the wrasslin recaps!

  5. davenappy says:


    1. way to crack that whip, Dave. I’m working on it, it’s my homework for this weekend.

  6. Lamar the Revenger says:

    NO EXCUSES!! WE WANT A SHOW!! Seriously, I CANNOT WAIT to hear from you guys again. I love every minute of the show. I don’t say it enough but THANK YOU for providing great entertainment!

    1. I got you, Lamar. New show or bust.

  7. Screw the numbers, if you are having fun and know there are people who listen (like me and other peers) then don’t sweat it. We all need breaks, but definitely looking forward to future episodes!

  8. Yes, Clubber is my guy. Not only did he make a pass; he did it in public in front of reporters and cameras.

    By the way, thanks for the shout out. It’s hard to believe I’m mentioned with such awesome shows.

    1. fully earned, Lonzo. I always have fun appearing on your show and enjoy listening. Keep up the good work!

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