CSP Blacked Out! No episode this week, however…

Bah weep gragnah weep nini bong, Cold Slither Podcast listeners!

Due to the recent storm that hit the DMV corridor, a few of the CSP crew have been (and one  still is!) caught in the “Pyramid of Darkness”. We were unable to meet to record the next scheduled episode and with the vast ineptitude valiant efforts of the local power companies under way to rectify the dilemma, we’ve no choice but to kick off this week without a freshly served podcast.

We offer our sincerest apologies to our listeners who were expecting a new show this week. However, fear not, for there are alternatives!!

We urge, nay, COMMAND you to enjoy the most recent podcast episodes of our co-hosts’ other shows:

The KLIQ Nation

Spider-Man Trilogy

On the latest show by The KLIQ Nation, Tim Dogg and company look back at the series of Spider-Man movies to date in anticipation of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man release this week.

The KLIQ Nation Podcast Ep. 14: Here Comes The Spider-Man

Also be sure to check out previous TKN shows to catch up on their Prometheus review and a look back at the Aliens franchise of movies.

Eclectik Discussion Podcast

This week’s Eclectik Discussion Podcast finds the prolific wonder eclectik discussing rabbit season vs. duck season in a Looney Toons episode. Guest @ShareefJackson a.k.a. Agent Jackson, host of the Operation Cubicle podcast, joins the discussion on the latest #EDP.
Listen to EDP17 – Looney Toons

You can also catch up with all previous EDP shows, including a great spotlight on Eddie Murphy with guest Karen (@SayDatAgain) of The Black Guy Who Tips.

Ring Time Pro Wrestling

itunes pic

And hey, if that’s not enough for you, why not check out our good friends at Ring Time Pro Wrestling? As always, the world’s greatest brother and sister tag team of wrestling podcasts, The Holt Foundation, talk about the latest news and insights of professional wrestling, this week focusing on the return of Chris Jericho and wrestling tabloids.

Ring Time Pro Wrestling: Jericho Returns & Wrestling Tabloidsz

As always, you can keep up with all podcasts, articles and features Ring Time at their website, RingTimeProWrestling.com!

What’s next for the CSP?


If all goes well, we should be getting the band back together at some point to resume our show. Updates to the site are also expected, so stay tuned.

And save the date for Tuesday, July 17th, when we’ll try to host another LIVE edition of the show. If all goes as planned, this live show will serve as our SEASON TWO FINALE, meaning after mid-July, we’ll be away for about a month, returning with a new season and new episodes in September.

Thanks for visiting the CSP!

You’ll be joining us soon…

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