May the 4th-6th be with you! Why this is an awesome weekend!

 This post was inspired our good friend, former guest and foxy femme voice of some of our podcast intermissions @nicju, who shared with us the following message sent to her office mates yesterday:

From: nicju
Subject: Avengers Assemble!


Tomorrow is a great day in nerdland.  Not only is it Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you), the Avengers movie is hitting the big screen.  Now, why is that important? Duh, I’m a big nerd, but also, it’s a great opportunity for a themed Friday.  So everyone wear your favorite (or only, thanks Quarterly Meeting) superhero or Star Wars t shirt. Yay!

….Saturday is also the annual Free Comic Book Day.  What’s Free Comic Book Day, nicju? Well, every first Saturday in May your local comic book store will be giving away free books, no purchase necessary.  It’s how I got back into reading a few years ago.  Here’s a link to find a store near you

This is likely one of the greatest weekends ever, for a variety of reasons. Let’s run them down, shall we?

Star Wars Day

“May The Fourth Be With You!” You’ll be hearing that a lot today as Star Wars fans, nerds, geeks and your co-workers and classmates alike are commemorating Star Wars Day. May 4 was really just dubbed Star Wars Day because of the popularity of the pun spoken on this day.

Yub Nub!

Of course, the famous quote from all the Star Wars films really goes “May The Force Be With You!“, but really we prefer “May The Schwartz Be With Youuuuuuu! from the Mel Brooks comedy Spaceballs. Either way, enjoy reflection on cinema’s most famous trilogy (the original, not the prequels!)

Technically,another Star Wars Day falls on May 25th, which was declared by the L.A. City Council to commemorate the release date of the first Star Wars movie, “Episode IV: A New Hope“, back in 1977.

Marvel’s The Avengers hits theaters everywhere.

What can we say about this film that hasn’t already been said? Sans spoilers, of course. Reviews are pouring in from all over saying that this film is one of the greatest superhero, action, hell… general movies ever! Time will tell, but right now, Avengers-mania is running wild!

Loki makes humanity his b*tch in Marvel’s The Avengers, in theaters everywhere!

We know our co-host Tim Dogg has already hit the midnight release, and Eclectik and Classick are sure to follow suit over the weekend.If you need a recap of the events leading up to this epic movie, we suggest you check out our most recent podcast episode “Slither Assemble” and also check out this great series of articles by comics expert Corey Pung over at

Oh and of course you can hit up the official Marvel Avengers movie site to find out how you can get tickets for what’s likely to be repeat viewings!

Free Comic Book Day

The first Saturday of May will also be FCBD! A great chance to reward long-time comic readers and welcome new readers to comic books! Pretty much every comic book publisher, major and independent, has stepped in to participate in FCBD, usually making this a chance to open up new storylines in existing books (see: Spider-Man: Swing Shift) or showcase new titles. Free Comic Book Day originally started in on May 4th, 2002, just a day after the release of the first Spider-Man movie.

In what has become a tradition at Marvel, there is always a free Spidey book released for FCBD.

Have you considered checking out comic books again? Want to get some cool comic books for your kid(s) without hurting the wallet? Stop by ANY comic book shop and get some free comic books on Saturday!

Check out this video from the official FCBD site, where you can locate stores in your area:

Cinco de Mayo

Spanish for “The Fifth of May”, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride and a commemoration of the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French force…. look, just like St. Patrick’s Day, this holiday is about one thing and one thing only!! Drinking yourself and several of your friends under the table!!! This Saturday, whether you tie one on, fall on (or off? can never get it right) the wagon or as the kids say now, getcho drank on, please do so responsibly.

Saturday Supermoon

This Saturday evening, after you’ve read through your free comic books scored earlier in the day, take a break from the Cinco de Mayo celebrations and step outside around 11:34 p.m. ET (West Coasters, you do the math on that!) to witness the supermoon! On Saturday, the moon will be up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the other full moons of 2012, according to NASA. It’s technically when the moon reaches the perigee (or closest point) of its elliptical orbit around Earth. The perigee-syzygy, or “supermoon” as it’s called, is one of those things you don’t see often.
Tell you what, though, if this were Star Wars, we’d be staring at like two or more moons while wondering what life would be like off this blasted moisture farm! Or better yet, let’s hope that the supermoon is really a moon and not something else entirely!
Everything’s double in Tatooine…

There’s nothing really going down on Sunday May 6th, but you can go ahead and send birthday greetings to actors Lynn Whitfield, Roma Downey, George Glooney, Adrianne Palicki, Gabourey Sidibe or Falcons DE John Abraham if you so choose…

May the Fourth Be With You!

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  1. NicJu says:

    I’m so giddy today. A nerd, a lunatic, a cheapsake…it’s like a super dope Christmas!!!!

  2. ClaymationWerewolf says:

    Fantastic post Ma’am! Wonderful geeky goodness… By the way, I’m so glad you remembered to mention Super Moon! It’s gonna be a fun night!! Arroooooooo!

  3. ClaymationWerewolf says:

    Did not mean to snub you sir. Amazing post Classick!

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