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We here at The Cold Slither Podcast are supportive of the projects of our co-hosts Eclectik and Tim Dogg. Both have branched off to create their own respective podcasts, which are just as entertaining, insightful and funny (if not moreso) than the good ole CSP! If you haven’t already, please feel free to listen to each and subscribe via iTunes store or the Stitcher smart radio app for past and future episodes!

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  • Was Mario from The Super Mario Bros franchise really a Stalker and Drug Addict?
  • The signs are there, were the games one big Magic Mushroom/LSD Trip?
  • Was there really a princess?
  • If So, what would she be doing with a short pudgy plumber from the BK?
  • Why couldn’t Mario hold a job?

Join Eclectik and this week’s guest @JCorduroy as they discuss Mario and his strange tendencies as well as the rest of the NES games plus The Fifth and more!

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Meanwhile, over at The KLIQ Nation Podcast

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With the weather heating up, that can only mean one thing:  IT’S SUMMER MOVIE TIME!!  Which means it’s time for KLIQ Nation to let you know which movies are going to rock, and which ones are going to suck.  Timdogg, Adam Black and Mista Bamf give their expert analysis on the 2012 summer movies they’re looking forward to seeing, and even the ones they’re not!

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We are proud of both podcasts. We hope you enjoy hearing them as much as our co-hosts enjoy making them. You can also keep up with the latest episodes for each show by checking out the RSS feeds on the right side of our site! >>>>

Be sure to tell a friend (or a foe) about all three shows!

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