CSP WrassleCast: 1/2/12 WWF Raw, He is Here-i-co!

Greetings once again, WrassleCasters!!!

Welcome to our 16th edition in the WrassleCast series. For this episode, the crew talk through WWF’s Monday night Raw show emanating from Memphis, TN. This particular show carries a significant meaning as it takes place on 1/2/12, which is the date that the WWF has been promoting in their cryptic videos over the last few weeks. Expected is the return of a former WWF superstar to the roster (the hint as to who is in the below photo).

1-2-12??? Raw is...????

For this WrassleCast, we are joined by our usual all-star lineup of WrassleCasters, such notable names as:
Amazing Jayce (@AmazingJayce)
Keith Holt, Jr. of Ring Time Pro Wrestling (@KHoltJr, @RingTimePodcast)
Bre (@ShesSoOffbeat)
Eclectik (@eclectik)
TimDogg (@timdogg98, @thekliqnation)
Classick (your host – @classickmateria)″

Download links to the show:

Mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/?1t3r5c9vng91mvd

zSHARE http://www.zshare.net/audio/98202023a1baa8d2/

One again, here’s the cryptic message teasing the return on 1-2-12:

We hope you enjoy this exclusive episode, which you can only find here at coldslitherpodcast.com! Please send your thoughts and feedback via comments below or e-mail us at coldslitherpodcast@gmail.com. Also, if you want to join us as a guest on a future WrassleCast, just let us know, we’d love to chop it up with ya!

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  1. Stand back – there’s a hurricane coming! HAHAHA

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