Comic Book Chronicles 108

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Age of Ultron poster

In cinematic news, there’s plenty of casting updates on Supergirl, X-Men: Apocalypse, AKA Jessica Jones, and Suicide Squad. Other juicy tidbits include Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick signing a TV deal for Sex Criminals, and Robert Downey, Jr. teasing a big announcement.

In comic book news, there’s more Secret Wars announcements, finalists for Dwayne McDuffie Award are announced, and San Diego Comic-Con badges sell out in record time.

Lots of comics released for New Comic Book Day include Spider-Gwen, Darth Vader, Batman, Gotham Academy, Amazing Spider-Man, Curb Stomp, All New X-Men, and much more!

We will also give our KLIQ’s of the Week!

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