SLITHER MADNESS 2013: Battle of the Bands – Championship will be announced LIVE this Wednesday 4/10 on the #AllSubjectsEverything show




Thanks again to everyone who’s voted in the polls for our #SLITHERMADNESS Battle of the Bands tournament so far. We are now down to the last two bands standing. Here are your final two:

BoTB Finals

Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem


Jem and The Holograms


Also, you can join us LIVE for the announcement of the #SLITHERMADNESS BotB winner and the prize winners of our Battle of the Bands bracket predictions challenge!

This Wednesday night, April 10th at 10 PM EST, tune in to All Subjects Everything on blogtalkradio ( to hear the Cold Slither Crew as guests live to announce the winners. More details below.



We are pleased to announce that we are partnering up with our good friend Chris Stevens’ weekly internet radio show “All Subjects Everything” in order to air the finale of our second annual SLITHER MADNESS bracket tournament.

LIVE  Wednesday night, April 10th at 10 PM Eastern Time, we will announce the winners of the SLITHER MADNESS 2013: Battle of the Bands tournament championship (currently challenged between ‘Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem’ and ‘Jem and the Holograms’)  as well as the first, second and third place winners of our bracket predictions contest. Prizes for the contest are being supplied by way of Will’s World of Wonder. This exciting partnership between the Cold Slither Podcast and All Subjects Everything will merge two sets of talents and audiences together for one night of fun. We invite you to join us!

All Subjects Everything is an internet radio show/podcast that is true to its title – a multitude of topics are discussed in any given episode, with host Chris Stevens leading the discussion in an informative yet entertaining fashion. Listen to them weekly on iTunes or Stitcher, or live at

Will’s World of Wonder is an online store run by pop culture addict William Bruce West. His goal is simply to connect collectors with collectibles. You can visit the store online at


Hey, while you’re at it, check out eclectik’s Childhood Crushes Tournament and UnderScoopFire‘s Robotology Bracket a.k.a. “Mech Madness”, both deciding their champions as well.

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