Michael, Madonna and the greatest Super Bowl halftime shows (poll)

Madonna gave one of the greatest Super Bowl halftime shows last night. However...

Last night’s Super Bowl saw a heckuva performance by pop legend Madonna, who was joined onstage by the likes of the inexplicably famous LMAO (it hurts writing that, btw), Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and Cee-Lo Green. Despite that motley crew of accompaniments and a controversial flip of the bird on national TV by M.I.A., Madonna ripped it and arguably gave one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows ever.

Even standing like a statue, no one captured a crowd like the King of Pop

I say “arguably” because even today on twitter some are calling it the best ever (s/o to Da Beatminerz). In my humble opinion, nothing topped Michael Jackson’s performance from the 1993 Super Bowl. Even though Mike just stood there for two whole minutes without moving at the beginning, he proceeded to kill it with just four songs in the setlist.

But this is where you come in!! Including last night’s, what do you think is the greatest Super Bowl halftime show ever?

Yes, that is a poll below for you to vote in…. feel free to add any you think we missed!!!

Here are a few vids of some of the choices


To this day, no one blames Justin? FOH!


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  1. I hear what you are saying about Michael’s Superbowl halftime show. It was the one that set the bar so high for performances to come. A great show and probably the spectacle of career in the 90s.
    As far as Madonna goes, she was Gaga before there was Gaga. Last night’s show just proved to me that her baton was passed along time ago. She really hasn’t pushed the envelope since Like A Prayer and last night’s performance while good, was not great. You could tell it was lip-synced, which is okay because we all know she can sing, but I preferably like live performances with instruments and a band with all the extras.

    My all time fave is Prince. Hard to top in my opinion. Sang his stuff live, great variety of his songs and others, the technology, the crowd, and him wailing on the guitar during Purple Rain while it was raining! C’mon, can it get any better than that?

    And of the ageless wonders over the last few years, I’d personally take The Who’s show over the Stones or Springsteen.

    Can’t tell I’m a music fan, can ya? LOL.

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