Not So Newlywed Podcast Ep. 8 – No Such Thing As Late Feat. Kamala & Carla

Not So Newlywed Podcast is hosted by Michael and Candice, a newlywed black couple nearing the end of the phase, sharing their experiences navigating life, love, marriage, and parenting. Along the journey they’ll have some amazing guests stop by from all walks of life and share their experiences on everything love from single and dating to divorced and dating to marrying later in life. They explore love from different eyes and strip the fairy tale filter off


Stripping the fairy tale filter off love


Welcome to another episode of the Not So Newlywed podcast with Candice and Michael, presented by The CSPN! Today we have  a special guests, Kamala (@KamTheLeo) and her wife Carla, they’re here to discuss their journey marrying later in life.


If you’re in the LGBTQ community and looking for a great church home that will love, praise, and pray for all that you are and what you want to be, Kamala and Karla and their family belong to Oakland Presbyterian Church in Laurel, MD. Link is below:


Karla works with Pathways to Housing in Washington, DC, an organization committed to helping combat homelessness NOW, the link is posted below if you want to donate, or no of someone in need of housing.


Kamala is an avid voice is protecting the voting rights of marginalized groups, as well as an active member of the National Lawyers Guild, so please check out 866 Our Vote and the NLG at the links below where you can donate and volunteer your time and resources:

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Press play below and enjoy the show!

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Getting to know your hosts:


Candice is a native of Cleveland, OH now transplanted in Denver, CO with Michael, their adorable daughter London, and her mother, when she’s not digging in the dirt as a geotechnical Engineer, she’s digging up dirt for Ratchet Ramblings where she serves as ⅓ of the co-hosts.  She’s enjoying navigating the black podcast community as a new and vibrant voice and hoping to show another side of who she is as a wife and mother with Not So Newlywed Podcast. Catch Candice on twitter @LondonNMommy for a glimpse into the mind of a full time black woman,  engineer, mom, and wife navigating the waters of life.


 Michael is a native of Bronx, NY. He’s the calmer half the marriage, letting nothing stand in the way of him being a great husband and father. When he’s not letting London and Candice run him crazy he enjoys writing, drawing, anime, and comics, Not So Newlywed Podcast is his podcasting and hosting debut, but he plans to bring his perspective on love and life with no-holds-barred. If you want to keep up with Michael and see his thoughts on everything and nothing, you can catch him on twitter @brilliantdum_e
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