Crown & Collards 94: Woke Babies


Presented by The CSPN

Rest in peace and power to all those we’ve lost to police brutality, interracial violence, acts of terror, and acts of hatred and bigotry.


Welcome back to another edition of Crown & Collards brought to you by the CSPN! In today’s episode Dan and Jeremey are briefly rejoined by Trina ( @iamhusk ) to discuss moving, Colin Kaepernick’s first start of the season, Tommy Ford. As she leaves Dan and Jeremey wrap about T.I. being woke and bring back the Tyrese Memorial “Nigga What Were You Thinking?!” award to Roland Martin.

You Like That?!
You Like That?!

He Who Is Kirk Cousins also makes an appearance!

Thanks for listening and as always be a greater ho not a hater ho.

Intro & Outro: Youngbloodz feat. Big Boi & Jim Crow x “85”

Press Play and enjoy the show!

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