Superluscious Episode 2: Reagan Gomez, Rod & Karen (@TBGWT), Escaping Your Kids


Welcome to the second episode of Superluscious!
Hosted by Beauty Jackson, popular co-host of “The Good & Terrible Show” brings her unique flair to a brand new show on the CSPN.

“Superluscious” explores the things that make life most enjoyable: our unique hobbies, the music we love, our favorite movies, and much more!

Reagan Gomez-PrestonTBGWT

On this second episode, Beauty Jackson’s guests are:
Reagan Gomez (@reagangomez) actress, filmmaker, and podcast host, to talk about parenting. Reagan can currently be seen on the new show “Queen Sugar”, airing on OWN.
Rod & Karen of The Black Guy Who Tips (@TBGWT, to discuss their anniversaries, end of summer cookout music, and how “woke” is sexy.

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“With so many reminders of all that is going wrong in the world, I am creating a space to highlight the things that bring us joy. “Superluscious” is the perfect forum to host such a weekly celebration.”

About our host…

Beauty Jackson hails from New Orleans, LA, but now runs the show from Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to being on
CSPN’s executive board, she has also co-created The Good and Terrible Show, Know the Score, is the co-producer
for the wildly popular Bad Advice Show, and is the sole content creator at Red Bean Dreams.

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Thank you for listening to Superluscious. a CSPN Media podcast presentation.

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