Crown & Collards 81: “Cleveland Reign” feat. Candice (@IntenseDesire) & Chris (@GrandiddyChris)


Presented by The CSPN

Lebron Love is real...
Lebron Love is real…

Welcome back to another edition of Crown and Collards, a weekly discussion podcast hosted by Dan (@Danchrism) and Jeremey (@Blike_Dante).

This week, Dan and Jeremey are joined by two Clevelanders, Candice (@IntenseDesire) and Chris (@GrandiddyChris), to celebrate the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA Championship in thrilling fashion.

Intro & Outro: Youngbloodz feat. Big Boi & Jim Crow x “85”

Press Play and enjoy the show!

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This week’s guests

IntenseDesireCandice a.k.a. @IntenseDesire a.k.a. BBW Bane

U think the calories are ur ally, but u merely adopted the snacks. I was born w/ them, molded by em.

Follow Candice and her tight-ass shoe game on twitter @IntenseDesire


Chris a.k.a. @GrandiddyChris

ChrisI’m fly, I’m handsome, I’m single. I’m 34, a daddy, and a big nigga. If you don’t like it, ya auntie will.

Follow Chris on twitter @GrandiddyChris


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