The Chicken & Jollof Rice Show: Curtain Call

Presented by The CSPN

Welcome to the 46th and final episode of The Chicken & Jollof Rice Show!

Intro: “Wavin Flag” by K’naan
Outro: “Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain” by Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Discussed this episode:
Lamar Odom fighting for his life & addiction
TI’s comments on Hillary Clinton
Justice or Else! The Million Man March 20th Anniversary
Breast Cancer Awareness Month expression
Rat vs. Pigeon
Keith Murray in the BET cypher
Who Ordered the #2 combo in the Civic?
Final Thoughts

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chickenisSTILLjesusThis is the last episode of the Chicken & Jollof Rice Show on the CSPN. We’d like to thank the Cold Slither Podcast Network for helping to launch our show and hosting us for our first year. However, please know that this is not goodbye, as we will return very soon!

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Thank you for listening and telling your friends about us. See you all soon, family.

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