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Welcome back to CSPN’s Know the Score!


This week’s show starts with a recap of Week 4 in the NFL, including a coaching change for the Dolphins and a missed call on Monday Night Football. Then, we turn to baseball, where Matt Williams is out of D.C. and The Yanks and Bucs are out of the Wild Card. Staying on the diamond, our panel discusses the rarity and experience of the black baseball fan.

Panelists this week are Trina (@iamhusk), Jeff (@jeffesquire) and Nubyjas (@nwilborn19).

This week’s episode is moderated by Don Delarente (@dondelarente).

All of this, plus our nominees for the weekly #KTSPod awards.

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Play of the Week nominees

  • Kirk Cousins game winning TD pass
  • Rashad Jennings stiff arm on 50 yard TD run
  • Stephen A. Smith & Kevin Durant with the worked shoot

Ride the Pine nominees

  • Texans QBs Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett
  • Victor Cruz & his fiancee
  • Arian Foster for sideline fit
  • Maryland Athletic Department has coach Randy Edsall on the hot seat, way out (22-33 record with the Terps)

Score of the Week nominees

  • 7 rec, 55 yds, 1 TD – Pierre Garcon vs. the Eagles in Week 4
  • 0 – Number of runs the Pirates have scored at home in the Wild Card game the last 2 seasons
  • 93- Kobe Bryant’s ranking in ESPN’s  Top 100 NBA players
  • 400 – Number of career TD passes for Drew Brees

This week’s guests:

Trina (a.k.a. “Hennessy Titan”)

Trinaoh imma fuck the club up with this one!
Host of

Follow on twitter @iamhusk


Jeff Esquire (a.k.a. “Young Struggle Face”)

JeffEsquireChipotle on them hoes. DC Sports have been cutting my life shorter since 1987. Your girl’s favorite friend. Any resemblance to Dontari Poe, Mark Ingram, or David Ortiz is purely coincidental.

Follow on twitter @jeffesquire



Sounds for Know the Score provided by IAM Leathers.


About the Know the Score team:

Don Delarente

“I consider myself a sports super nerd. I’m #HTTR and #BeatDook till I die.” Member of the #RampanBlackNeckaryCrew. Don is also the co-host of CSPN’s pro wrestling podcast The WrassleCast.

Follow on twitter @DonDelarente

Nubyjas Wilborn

Nubyjas“Crossfitter, born again Runner & craft beer lover. multimedia sports journalist. Here to incite, enlighten, & entertain.” Nubyjas is a health/fitness & food reporter for the Tallahassee Democrat.

Follow Nubyjas on twitter @nwilborn19


Tim Hamilton

TimmyJigFather of 2 girls, Washington, DC native by way of Harlem in NYC. Working in IT Security. Very passionate about sports, known to be “the ESPN anchor from around the way.” Die hard fan of the Dallas Cowboys, NY Knicks, Florida State Seminoles (CFB), and the North Carolina Tar Heels (CBB). Huge buff of documentaries & biopics.

Follow Tim on twitter @TimmyJig


thatssojessyUMD Alumni. Future graphic designer. Food lover. Baker/cook when the moment strikes. Arsenal FC. Baltimore Ravens. Fashion lover. Make-up enthusiast. Thinker.

Follow Jessica on twitter @thatssojessy
Visit Jessica’s blog thatssojessy.wordpress.com



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