Blipster Life: “but f**k Jerrod Carmichael, we should call this ‘Help Dave'”

Blipster Life.
Welcome to an all-new edition of the Blipster Life podcast with Felonious Munk and Dave Helem.
This week, Munk & Dave are joined by a special guest, as fellow stand-up comedian Jerrod Carmichael, star of the recently renewed hit NBC sitcom The Carmichael Show, drops by to talk about the show, working with a talented cast, not listening to rules, hosting a comedy special, dealing with instant success, and more! Plus, another head-scratching edition of Dave’s Story Time, after which you’ll understand the title of this episode.
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Discussed this episode:

Not correcting mispronunciations
Getting free stuff
Saying “no” to work
Developing “The Carmichael Show”
Munk as an anger translator
Hosting a comedy special
Moving to L.A. & acting
Not listening to rules
“The Alchemist”
Dealing with instant success
Social media
The great Jean Grae
Lil Rel’s selfie problem
Dave’s Story Time

Intro & Outro: “On My Way To Harlem” by Gregory Porter

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