Blipster Life Episode 5: First Snow in Kokomo (feat. @youthfullygrown)

Blipster = Black + Hipster.


Welcome to the travel edition of the Blipster Life podcast, with Felonious Munk and Dave Helem. In this episode, we are joined by Munk’s fiancee Lontier (@youthfullygrown).

Together, the blipsters travel all around the U.S., telling stand-up stories from Chicago, IL, then Kokomo, IN. Eventually the discussions shift to Spokane, WA to talk about Rachel Dobolina, to the Dominican Republic and their expulsion of Haitians, back to Chicago to turn-up for the Blackhawks winning The Cup, and finally to “The D”, where even in June it’s so cold.

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About our guest:

Lontier Lontier: “I write things sometimes and dance a lot. Always thinking of food. Simple shit, I dig that. Cats are my spirit animal. Chicago resident.
twitter: @youthfullygrown

Tracks featured this episode:

“First Snow in Kokomo” by Aretha Franklin
“It’s So Cold in the D” by T-Baby

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