The WrassleCast, Episode 36: Bull of da Woods (featuring The Wurdsmith of The Chicken & Jollof Rice Show)

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Welcome back to the WrassleCast, your place for pro wrestling color commentary with color…


This past week, the pro wrestling world lost a legend, a trailblazer, a WWE and WrassleCast Hall-of-Famer. We here at the WrassleCast mourn the loss and celebrate the life of The American Dream Dusty Rhodes in this special tribute episode.

Joining us this week from our fellow CSPN network podcast “The Chicken & Jollof Rice Show” is our guest @TheWurdsmith to talk about Dusty as well as review this week in pro wrestling.

Listen to The WrassleCast, Episode 36: Bull of da Woods (feat. @TheWurdsmith of @ChickenNJollof)

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This week’s Parting Promo: “Red, White, & Blue Funk” – Dusty Rhodes vs. Heavy D
(Hear it on Soundcloud!)
This week’s Halftime Promo: “Bull of the Woods” –  Bunkhouse Stampede ’87 Promo

The Wurdsmith, Chicken & Jollof Rice Show


Our guest @TheWurdsmith is a co-host of The Chicken & Jollof Rice Show, a podcast exploring the lives, thoughts and views of four first generation North Americans with African roots.

You can hear The Chicken & Jollof Rice Show every Thursday right here on the CSPN’s podcast feed.
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