Crown & Collards Episode 37 (feat. @Veemanbackagain & @PBS_Impulse9)

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast Network

Welcome back to an extended TWO-PART edition of Crown and Collards, a weekly discussion podcast starring Dan (@Danchrism) and Jeremey (@Blike_Dante).

Our guests this week are Vee (@veemanbackagain) a.k.a. “Off-Brand Ranblan” and returning guest Shawn (@PBS_Impulse9).

Crown & Collards mugIn Part One, we talk about the greatness that is Fetty Vandross, origin of the Ranblan jokes, late bloomers, this week’s LNNoN Chris Brown, & debut a new monthly segment called Bring It Byke!— our first entry being the King of Pop Michael Jackson. This episode is rounded out with discussion of the pool party incident in McKinney and this week’s Chuck Johnson Award going to Chet Hanks.

In Part Two, we talk about Serena Williams the G.O.A.T., award the Bill Cosby/Mailman Malone Award to Mike Huckabee, talk about Caitlyn Jenner, and get into a special L.A. themed edition of Missed Connections.

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Intro & Outro: Fetty Wap x My Way

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