The Chicken & Jollof Rice Show: Where Is The Love? (feat. @NisforNneka)

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Welcome to the 28th episode of The Chicken & Jollof Rice Show!

WhereIsTheLoveThis week, guest Nneka (@NisforNneka) joins Francis, The Wurdsmith, and Lucy to discuss gender and sexuality from their experiences, in Africa and in America. We also talk about the importance of using google, the demise of Nikki Minaj and Meek Mill‘s relationship, getting killed by lions, another child for Kim & Kanye, and the reality behind Akon‘s charity.

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Intro: “Tolon Tolon” by Afro National
Outro: “Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain” by Ladysmith Black Mambazo

This week’s guest

NnekaWoman. Writer. Warrior. Nneka is from Atlanta, Ga.
Follow her on twitter @NisforNneka
Visit Nneka’s travel, food & culture blog “Afros y Paella” at


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