The Baker-Bone and Rome Bad Advice Show – Crossin Up Slavery

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast Network

BAS_Crossin Up Slavery

Warning: Any advice given on this show is guaranteed to be bad and should only be followed at your own risk. Whether or not you follow it, chances are you’ll hear about it from your auntie at the next family gathering.

It’s time for an all-new edition of The Bad Advice Show! Gordon and Cerrome are back to dispense more bad advice about the workplace, praise dancers, and remix the civil rights movement.

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Bad advice given about: old music, toxic chalk & dry erase markers, wasting time on the job, quitting your job, scamming nature, working at Victoria’s Secret, unhooking bras safely, lazy titty time, breastfeeding on the subway, sniffing expensive bras, staying indignant til the end, demands that can’t be met mean they wanna fight, stealing from work, buying discount panties, tributaries, whales, praise dancers, CNAs, taping baby’s mouths, scaring white people, defeating racism with ice cream cones, the first asshole, accidental police shooting challenge, dunking on police cars, and crossin up slavery.

DeceptiComics name shirtBaker-Bone and Rome are members of The DeceptiComics, who are five malevolent, brutal, merciless, and hilarious comedians. Their show is 20% Smart, 20 Geeky, 20% Insane, 20% Dirty and 20% Country-fried.

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