The Baker-Bone and Rome Bad Advice Show – DeceptiComics Road Trip

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast Network

BakerBone&RomeWarning: Any advice given on this show is guaranteed to be bad and should only be followed at your own risk. Whether or not you follow it, chances are you’ll hear about it from your auntie at the next family gathering.


decepticomicsThis is actually the first ever episode of the Bad Advice Show, recorded during a road trip to a DeceptiComics show. Get to know the DeceptiComics in this episode as they talk about everything from city life to Dr. Who to currency exchange.

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The DeceptiComics

Bad advice given about: Driving to airports, West Virginia at night, ghost casinos, the price of cars, bad mechanic moments, driving the dick car, gaining weight, traveling 5-deep in a RAV-4 with 72 pieces of chicken, Dr. Who tortures refrigerators, watching black programs, row houses, feeding pigs, first faps, the purpose of Frederick’s of Hollywood, hourglass timers, the Popeye’s lady, black British actors, The 2014 Black Derby, exchange rates, chicken etiquette, Jack & Jill, paper bag & watermelon tests, getting caught with chicken, Gov. Chris Christie, sports, crazed fans, Ivan Drago, Russians, naked combat, Spanish Harlem, NYC=Lego City, Asian references, and What are DeceptiComics?

DeceptiComics name shirtBaker-Bone and Rome are members of The DeceptiComics, who are five malevolent, brutal, merciless, and hilarious comedians. Their show is 20% Smart, 20 Geeky, 20% Insane, 20% Dirty and 20% Country-fried.

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