The Baker-Bone and Rome Bad Advice Show – Ebony Gardens

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BakerBone&RomeWarning: Any advice given on this show is guaranteed to be bad and should only be followed at your own risk. Whether or not you follow it, chances are you’ll hear about it from your auntie at the next family gathering.

ebonygardens preview

In the latest episode of The Baker-Bone & Rome Bad Advice Show, Gordon and Cerrome are joined by guest/podcast engineer Classick to dispense even more bad advice for you to follow and share their idea of setting up a black reservation in the city formerly known as Detroit.

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Bad advice given about: Why “Classick?”, following Reverend Run, southern technology, cuckolding, Samoans, what “bro” means, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Ni**er”,Topanga vs. Six, loving a person’s flaws, meeting her mom, readingbacne braille, smellyvaginas, recording an album from jail, upcoming tour dates, arguing with women, the dangers of arguing with Caribbean women and country people, getting cut, setting up a black reservation, making a sex tape, taking a hardware tech support job, ugly sex faces, crazy things said during sex, using her for leverage, crazy positions being a yoga creep, & why you shouldn’t eat assBaker-Bone and Rome are members of The DeceptiComics, who are five malevolent, brutal, merciless, and hilarious comedians. Their show is 20% Smart, 20 Geeky, 20% Insane, 20% Dirty and 20% Country-fried.

ggbGordon Baker-Bone is a stellar comedian who is regularly booked for shows all over NJ, CT, NYC, AND PA. His style can be described as a clever, witty, and chaotic connecting with people on all levels. He frequently performs at clubs such as Stress Factory and Comix at Foxwoods.

romeCerrome Russell, born and raised in Sumter County, GA, started his comedy career 10 years ago while serving in the United States Marine Corps. He was first exposed to a broader audience as a cast member on the 2nd Season of BET’s popular prank show Hell Date. He has traveled extensively, performing at college campuses and military installations worldwide. Cerrome Russell’s comedy comes in many varieties, including Off-Center, Truthful, and of course, Country.

AskClassickZod Guest Classick is the executive producer and program director of The Cold Slither Podcast Network. He also hosts his own show “Classick Team-Up!” which can also be found on this very channel. Follow him on twitter @classickmateria.

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