The Good and Terrible Show Ep 10-That’s My Jam! (w/Slim Jay)

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast Network

Welcome to the TENTH episode of The Good and Terrible Show, starring Ceejay and Beauty Jackson.

thats-my-jam raven


A good song can bring you right back to the place where you heard it the first time. In this episode, Slim Jay joins us in talking about our favorite jams from all genres. From rap to hip hop to r&b, reggae, rock, jazz & gospel, we get it in with the songs we know and love and even a few that our parents used to grooved to. Either on the treadmill or in your office, you will get to shakin’ somethin’ as you listen to this episode.

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This week’s guest: Slim Jay

Slim Jay (pictured r.)
Slim Jay (pictured r.)
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