The Good and Terrible Show Ep 07-Baker-Bone and Rome

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast Network

Welcome to the seventh episode of The Good and Terrible Show, starring Ceejay and Beauty Jackson.


In this episode, we’re joined by Gordon Baker-Bone and Cerrome Russell, two of The Decepticomics and co-hosts of the “Baker-Bone and Rome” show. We talk about sex with your ex, super-nice Mel’s amateur and pro fight record, life on the road, farting while under the influence, Cerrome’s suit, Stacy Adams and Gordon’s goal of impregnating Indian women.


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The Decepticomics are five stand-up comedians who described as malevolent, merciless, brutal, vicious and hilarious. They will next appear in the D.C. area on August 29th. Visit for more details.

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