The Good and Terrible Show Ep 03 – BoobTube

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Welcome to the third episode of The Good and Terrible Show, starring JustCeej and Beauty Jackson.


In this episode, the ladies talk TV…  particularly the biggest assholes and screw-ups on television.

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Discussed in this episode

Our favorite TV shows
CJ’s beef with Kiefer Sutherland.
Why do kids always monopolize the TV?
When your kids outgrow the shows that you’ve fallen in love with…
Why are black TV stars always being assholes?
Don Lemon
Stacey Dash
Halle Berry coming to TV
Columbus Short
It’s all Todd Bridges’ fault
How Marc Lamont Hill and HuffPostLive set up Beauty Jackson
Seriously though, fuck The Commish
This week’s Douche of the Week: Roland “Ascot” Martin


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