The Good and Terrible Show Ep 02 – Cookouts & Corn

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast Network

Welcome to the second episode of The Good and Terrible Show, starring Ceej and Beauty Jackson.

In this episode, we talk about the overwhelming response and feedback from our premiere episode. Then we talk about cookouts, drunk aunties and uncles and some of the dishes and outfits listeners sent us photos of.

Corn drops by the show

This week, our good friend Corn joins us (follow him on twitter @DamnItCorn) and he tells some stories and lays down Corn’s rules.

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Pork Rib

Discussed in this episode

Thanks & feedback from the premiere episode
How we spent our 4th of July weekends (who had crabs?)
Fix your elders a plate!!
Drunk aunt & uncle names
Cookout playlists
Karla’s ribs
Welcome Corn
Corn’s Labor Day Weekend Cookout
The after-party
Foreign objects
Corn’s rules
Evil shady little koala
Why Ceej is terrible
Mel’s band

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