#unappreciation – The GI Joe Movie and My Childhood

I love G.I. Joe, my favorite Toy, Cartoon, everything … but something tragic happened some 25 years ago

How I remember it … Picture it Ohio 1987 #ephilaPatrillo

The Best thing about the G.I. Joe series was that, it just brought you right into the action … no origin story, no introduction, it was M.A.S.S. Device … here are some people doing something and catch up … boom! It was a grown up thinking- child’s show … you just have to watch and listen and figure out the plot … you saw who was bad, you were allowed to root for who you wanted the whole bit.

The characters fleshed themselves out during the show and throughout the series and they were iconic
Everyone knows Cobra Commander, Destro, Snake eyes, and Duke; Goe fans or not.
Joe fans can point out Shipwreck and Zartan, Scarlet, Lady Jaye, etc etc.
The thing was from ‘Go’ there was a team in place, wasn’t centralizes around one character or anything of the sort

Every episode or mini series, was Cobra trying to do something in an effort to rule the world, didnt even care about necessarily killing anyone or the Joes for that matter, they just wanted to be in power … perfect

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